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no flowers on a 3 year old hydrangea why



If it has been well fed and watered, as I assume it has, then it could because of a late frost or a pruning problem. I have learned - the hard way- not to be tempted to prune mine!

27 Jun, 2011



27 Jun, 2011


I prune mine end of april early may, Mine are in the soil, I never water or feed and get fantastic displays every year. I find the worse they're treated the better they perform.

28 Jun, 2011


Prune right after bloom, to allow time for next year's flower buds to form. A heavy frost, such as last winter, and the one before, will act as a heavy pruning at the wrong time of year, preventing bloom the next spring. Also check to make sure that it has bright indirect light, or morning or filtered sun--a dark spot under a big shade tree may be too shady.

28 Jun, 2011

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