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Why is my lawn yellowing/dying? I live in Utah, my lawn got really dry, just in random spots, then it revived when I started watering it more, but now its getting mushrooms....but the spots are still yellowing/dying. Its strange, one day it looks great, then the next couple days looks terrible..then back to great, then yucky? what would cause this?



We have had Vowls (not sure on spelling) that have come from across the street into our backyard, is it possible that these bad spots are their trails? could that cause this?

26 Jun, 2011


Voles Torri? I don't know what effect they'd have.
Do you have a dog or dogs? Or do your neighbours? Where dogs pee it turns grass yellow and kills it.

26 Jun, 2011


Have you tried feeding your lawn? Perhaps it needs a bit of a pick-me-up after the dry spell. If the grass is actually dead in places you will have to re-seed it. I believe dead organic debris under the soil like tree roots can cause mushrooms.

26 Jun, 2011


Voles would leave burrows that would tend to suffer from drought more quickly than the surrounding grass. I would also double check to see if these spots get less water from the sprinkler than other spots, or are slightly higher than the surrounding lawn. Dogs are a possibility, too, as Beattie says. If this lawn is new to you, and the same spots consistently turn straw colored for no discernible reason, it might be a good idea to do a few foot deep test holes in these areas to see if they have big rocks or old tree stumps underground. What kind of grass do you have, and what is your soil and summer temps like? With that info, I could give you a better idea of how to water your grass.

27 Jun, 2011

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