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This insect was on a plant I bought today , it's a bit like a ladybird, and although it looks red in the photo it was actually a dull yellow, and never had spots, it had 3 black lines on its back and looked a bit smaller than the normall sized ladybird. Does anyone know what it was.....Thanks!

26th_june_2011_044 26th_june_2011_045



Certainly looks like one of the ladybirds but it isn't in my book. If nobody else know you can ask I Spot: here is the link:

26 Jun, 2011


Has it got a shape of a letter M on its head.

26 Jun, 2011


Possibly one of the harlequin ladybirds

27 Jun, 2011


I think you could be right, MG. The colouring of these beetles is very variable and so are the markings. Linsuffolk, was it a bit bigger than a normal ladybird?

27 Jun, 2011


No, not really Beattie, infact it might even have been smaller. I know that I have never seen one like this before.

1 Jul, 2011


Sixpence, it never looked like an 'M' on its head.

1 Jul, 2011

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