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I have had several plants in an earthenware pot on my patio for the last 18 months, trimmed back in the autumn, not hard pruned, but they bushed out well. They have now all died from the bottom up (the last few tips now going). The pot has gravel in the bottom with a drain hole and stands on a small purpose-made base, also earthenware. Does anyone have any idea why this might have happened as I'd like some more but don't want to kill it again.



Welcome to Goy.
It is not your fault the plants have died, in a wet season they get diseased at ground level. I could go into more details of the problem, but the answer is to get rid of the plants you have.
Clean out the pots and start again with new ones.

21 Dec, 2008


Hi Jcofmargate, welcome, and i agree with DrB, - his advice is always good, i have had the same problems with these, and mine are in the ground, in general they are not long lasting plants anyway. if you want something longer lasting why not try one of the traditional English varieties, there are some really pretty ones around, i have several, and i have found they are much more robust.

21 Dec, 2008


I have tried almost every variety of Lavender over the years and I find that none of them are particularly long lived and here ( a frost pocket with a vengeance) the more tender varieties like L. stoechas just do not survive even the mildest frosts.

21 Dec, 2008


Thanks for the advice - perhaps I'll try something a bit hardier next time. I had not realised they are so tender - not a gardener really, but I like plants. My indoor ones are all survivors (they have to be!) but I'm not so good with outdoor ones.

22 Dec, 2008

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