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Conifer - not sure which genus
I rescued this conifer before with was to be sent to the big compost bin in the sky, earlier in the year. It was healthy, they were installing a driveway.
It was only out the ground for 30mins max - since replanting I have been watering it regularly.
Is it dying or should I continue or change my regime?
Thanks to you all in advance.

Conifer_foliage_1 Conifer_foliage_2 Conifer_foliage_3



Looks like a type of Cypress. Possibly a Lawson.

25 Jun, 2011


And possibly dying

25 Jun, 2011


To give it its best chance, carefully, selectively prune out the dying foliage, plus enough green foliage to reduce the amount of foliage by 1/4. That will reduce the strain on the remaining roots. At the same time, I would give it a dose of a strong root stimulator, such as Superthrive.

26 Jun, 2011


Thanks....I will give this a bash. There is still plenty of green foliage on the top third of the plant. Not sure how it will look afterwards, but if I've lost it anyway. You never know I may start a new craze!!!! :)))))

26 Jun, 2011


Plant some alpines or dwarf perennials around it, and hey, you have a wild meadow at the treeline!

27 Jun, 2011


Good this space :))

27 Jun, 2011

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