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Our neighbour has allowed our shared beech hedge to grow to 4 metres high and is now a line of trees. One of these trees is within 18 inches of our house and the branches actually touch the harling. How close should similar trees be to a house?



If it is a shared hedge why didn't you keep it cut to about two metres? Anything four metres high should not be that close to your house. You obviously need to have a polite conversation with your neighbour pointing out the problem and discussing how you are both going to deal with it.

25 Jun, 2011


TBH, if it is shared then you share responsibility to cut it. If you are concerned about it then just cut it back. A very general rule is trees should be at very least 8 foot from your house, hedges can be slightly closer, if well kept. You can certainly cut the hedge back on your side as you see fit.

25 Jun, 2011


On no account should a beech tree be anything like that distance from a building. It needs to be cut asap. 2 metres is about the max for a hedge unless you have equipment to cut a higher one safely. And many councils have regulations about hedge heights.

26 Jun, 2011

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