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Hi all, i have a small area at the front of the house which is filled with pebbles, i want to do something nice with it to add a bit of interest & colour, i'm told not to plant a tree this close to the house, would like a minature tree or colourful shrub, this space is close to the house & gets the sun till about 2pm any ideas ? and i don't how deep the area is i'm a novice when it comes to gardening. l o l



It would help if you said where you are in the UK - the temperature difference between, say, Yorkshire and London is enormous, particularly during winter. I'd also ask whether there's a wall or fence between your garden and the street and how high it is if so.

25 Jun, 2011


Hi Bamboo, thanks for the speedy answer, i live in Northern Ireland and it can get mighty cold. & no, no wall or fence, the area is beside a driveway made of tarmac and also borders a concrete path in front of the house, the area is a triangle shape roughly speaking.

25 Jun, 2011


As you only want one plant, it needs to be interesting or attractive most of the year, so provided your soil isn't totally alkaline, I'd go for a Pieris - either P. 'Forest Flame' or P. japonica 'variegata'. Both are slow growing, although the variegated one is even more so - ultimate height for Forest Flame is 7 feet after 10 years.

25 Jun, 2011


Thanks for that, i will try that suggestion i love colour so this one sounds just the ticket. Speak soon.

25 Jun, 2011


Pieris needs acid soil as Bamboo says, so dig out a big planting hole add lots of ericaceous compost.

26 Jun, 2011

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