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We have some old Hawthorn hedges which we want to dig up, they are some 20 years old. Can you tell me if they are dug up and re-planted immediately, would they die?
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I have moved 3-5 year old ones with success, but if you really want to keep them then autumn is a better time to transplant them as they will be dormant then. They also have pretty vicious thorns - so have gloves on.

1. Trim them down so that they easier to move (and help the surviving roots balance with top of hedge).
2. Dig the hole where you want to transplant them.
3. Dig the Hawthorns out - keeping as much root. system as possible - will need at least 2 adults and a wheelbarrow.
4. Water well.

The soil around where they have been growing for 20 years will not be fertile, so you will need to address that.

If you move them now I think most will survive, but I think some will not like having there roots disturbed whilst in full leaf.

24 Jun, 2011

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