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Question to milky you said lift a camelia i never have and mine is fine i have no greenhouse anyway


By Tricia

cardiff, United Kingdom Gb

my camelia is a beautiful pink no signs of any rot or buds dying hope im doing right by leaving it out wat do you suggest milky



Hi Tricia - I know you asked Milky, but I can give you an answer. Camellias are hardy and if they are established, they don't need winter protection or lifting. They stay out in the garden happily over winter, whether in the soil or in a pot.

If your camellia is in a pot, make sure it isn't facing east as the flowers may get frosted and then thaw, causing damage. If the pot is terracotta, it is wise to wrap bubble wrap round it to stop the pot from cracking and to protect the roots from freezing.

I hope that helped.

15 Dec, 2008


Hi Spritz. I am now cutting down the pain killers so am starting to take notice. Just to say we agree again. I have 3. Even in frozen Yorkshire I just leave them now they are established.


15 Dec, 2008


My own experience is that white camellias are most susceptable to being damaged by freezing weather.

Different cultivars react differently Spritz's suggestion on bubble wrap is good. Do put wood or terra cotta spacers underneath the pot for drainage.

17 Dec, 2008

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