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we have several pansies and violas in hanging baskets
but in the passed few weeks they are all dying
i have emptied the containers and checked for vine weevil and ants eating the roots but can find no evidence
there is plent of water in them so its not lack of water
other plants in the baskets are fine can you please help us



First hello and welcome Superdog.

Do you keep dead heading your plants.

At first I thought mine were going over but keep taking off the spent heads and all are growing and given more blooms.

When did you get your plants?

Please post a photo to let us see how they are looking.

23 Jun, 2011


First, were the pansies and violas new in Spring, or from last winter?
Secondly, when you planted them, presumably in Spring, did you use fresh compost in clean containers?

23 Jun, 2011


Yes I have also added same as Bamboo.

Fresh compost and clean containers a must.

23 Jun, 2011

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