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Fuchias / Hydrangers - do they tolerate full sun?


By Althea

South Africa Za

Will fuchias tolerate sun if planted in a pot?
Do Hydrangers need shade? Location: George W Cape.



Hi Althea welcome to GoY.

Both fuchsias and hydrangeas like a bit of shade. On the other hand I rarely do things by the book in my garden and I have grown fuchsias in almost continuous sunshine and hydrangeas in an area that really doesn't get much shade. However where you are the sun is a lot hotter than on the North East coast of England so I would try to find a shady spot if you can and make sure that neither dries out in summer.

We have a member called Funkyfuchsia and if he doesn't spot this and come in with rather more expert advice then I would look him up on the members' list and send him a personal message.


14 Dec, 2008


Hi Althea: I'd go along with Sarraceniac - I grow fuchsias of several varieties in well-drained large tubs in full sun in SW UK but 'full sun' probably means something rather different where you are! And water, water, water!! Welcome to GOY

14 Dec, 2008


I grow some 6O some different hardy fuchsias. I agree with Peteg. Full sun here in the PNW. WA. USA.
In S.AFrica more water would be needed.

That said, I live in a blue hole, semi-desert. 15" of rain. They do well here with just minimal drip watering.i

16 Dec, 2008

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