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How long can i store flower bulbs?


By Ploppy

Azerbaijan Az

I am totally new to gardening and a friend has brought me back a selection of bulbs from Holland in sealed plastic packs which i have not opened. It says to plant before the frost arrives but it is too late.
I have got a massiave new garden of 2,200 sq metres in Azerbaijan (I live here) and would like to keep these bulbls in their packets until next September (ish) and then plant. Somebody said if i keep them sealed i can keep in the fridge until they need to be plan ted<



I am not at all sure about this idea. I think that the plastic bothers me. I have a feeling that they might rot in there. I do have doubts as to whether you will be able to stop their natural growth pattern for that long, too. You may well find that they start to sprout.

Why not pot them up and let them grow, then plant them in the ground in late August?

12 Dec, 2008


I suggest you take the frozen soil off the patch where you want to plant them then plant them and put the frozen surface back on top. The soil temperature will tell the bulbs when to start growth , they will be safer in soil than anywhere .

12 Dec, 2008


I echo Poaanua.

Plant them. If need be, plant a big flat rock or some mulching/insulation cover and REMOVE a few weeks bfore spring. Only for the next Jan. Feb. months. Then remove whatever.

Do not try to hold them over in their packages till next year. The other answer, plant them in pots --put in the garage or other protected place until spring. Then plant out..

13 Dec, 2008

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