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It's quite a pretty little tree which seems to stay the same all year. Tiny yellow buds, which I kept thinking might suddenly burst into flower, but never did. Any ideas?




Take a bud and a leaf to your local nursery and ask them. Buds which don't come into flower would be berries, which are formed from flowers. Don't you get any flowers on it at all? Now I wonder, do you mean the tree in the front or the one next to the fence, lol?

12 Dec, 2008


Too little to work with. I agree with Marguerite.

13 Dec, 2008


I wasn't clear on which plant you meant either. Could you take a close-up picture showing the leaves and buds?

15 Dec, 2008


We are left guessing. Leaf smells like what? Bay tree.

Whatever. This is a big agree with Marguerite.

Internet bogs may be interesting, but I suggest you invest yourself in a good local Nursery rather than the Internet for answers.

16 Dec, 2008

How do I say thanks?

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