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I have a Comtesse de Bouchard Clematis which is two years old. I pruned it correctly, but last year and this the leaves about two thirds of the way up are dying and brown and crinkly. It is growing in a south facing situation and has the roots covered. Any solutions.



The most common cause of those brown crinkly leaves is too little moisture at the bottom of the rootball.

These are very thirsty vines/plants and they need a good soaking weekly, even with the rains we've been having there are still drying winds and these can all add up to too dry roots.

I have this clematis here and it, and all the (numerous) others will get those brown crinkly leaves if their moisture has been compromised.
Put the hosepipe on it each week - lay it on the ground, on a slowish speed, and leave it there for 10 minutes.
Don't use a watering can because you'll have to keep filling the thing up to give this plant the amount it needs.

22 Jun, 2011


I have had this Clematis for over 10 years and it does this every year no matter how much I water it. But as you can see in my photos it does not stop it flowering prolifically.

22 Jun, 2011


Drc726, We have just purchased one of these, to cover an ugly drainpipe on the front of the Bungalow. South facing hope it does well. Should it be watered every day?

11 Aug, 2014


I would say yes its first summer - I bought a second one about 5 weeks ago and because its been so dry here I have watered it most days.

11 Aug, 2014

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