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help on blog photos


By Steve

hampshire, United Kingdom Gb

not that clever on a pc, so tried to add photos to a blog and they were quite large , which didn't give me much space to write.also i now have 2 blogs saved , which need deleting , how do i do this? thanks in advance.........steve



Hi Steve, if you click on the the blog, it should give you the option to edit or delete, do you mean the photos, are too big to load onto the blog in the first place, or come out too big once loaded? because i thought they all came out the same size once loaded, but like yourself Steve not that clever on a pc lol what i usually do is write above and/or underneath each photo, when you are writing the blog, pic's only appear on the screen as jigpic.....ect, rather than display, that only happens once you publish, then if the writing comes up not in the place that you want it, you can always go back in and change it. hope this helps.

11 Dec, 2008


thanks majeekahead, i have managed to delete both saved blogs, and re-wrote the blog with pictures.the finished blog used up all the available space in the blog page and i only got 4 photos and not a huge amount of dialogue , so i think the pictures maybe too big. but i will need guidence on how to 'shrink' these pics.
so thank you for your assistance.....steve

11 Dec, 2008

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