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friend or foe?

essex, England Eng

while sorting out in the garden today, i discovered this, i don't think i have ever seen so many different kinds of fungus as i have this year, certianly never seen this one before, i have noticed that my Rhododendron next to it looks a bit worse for wear, leaves all a bit droopy and brown patches on the edges of leaves, had put this down to the fact that it is sulking after being moved from the front garden about a month ago, and the recent heavy frost, but on closer inspection, and finding this on the soil nearby, now wondering if this could be the dreaded 'honey fungus' or something else i really don't want. the fungus is very small each bit approx 1/2 cm in size, and pretty much flat to the surface of the soil. anyone know what it is? and if so if it is a problem and how to treat it? all and any advice welcome please




This looks like COMMON EYELASH Scutellinia scutellata.
You should be able to see very tiny black hairs just round the edges. I don't think it wll be the cause of the Rhodos, problem just an interesting soil fungus, harmless but not edible..
There is a new Rhodo disease that is quite serious. I think you should contact www.RHS .org. at Wisley. who will possibly want a sample of the leaf.
However lets hope it is just a temporary glitch.

10 Dec, 2008


thanks for that Poaannua, i have some pic's of the Rhodo, would you know what it looks like? i'll post them now. i hope not too, i have several others in my garden, none of which seem to be affected, yet, so best to be safe rather than sorry.

10 Dec, 2008

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