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Can I spray bordeaux mix on fruiting trees in June, mainly apples and pears. Does it affect the fruit ? I have infestation of wooly aphids on them and could be the easiest way to get rid ? Or do you have an alternative suggestion ????

Many thanks TLG




It should be O.K. but try not to get too much on the fruit. Did you paint the end of the branch that's been cut off with anything waterproof? It looks as though the aphids have been attracted to the sticky sap around the exposed bark. You can paint with a special mixture for just that job, or use an oil-based household paint to seal the end. This would probably kill the aphids, too!! It would give them a bit of a headache at the VERY least!! Annie

21 Jun, 2011


Many thanks Annie. Jet-hosed mos it all off earlier, didn't use Arbrex to seal wounds initially, had read mixed reports about it. Thanks for the advice though.

21 Jun, 2011

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