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hi all...can anybody tell me what exactly these tiny pests are,they are leaving a sticky residue on the clematis' foliage...they are about 1mm long and kinda creamyish in colour,photo is a little fuzzy sorry.i dont seem to be getting them on my bamboos or other plants! it doesnt appear to have affected the flowering of the clematis' tho!are they some kinda moisture sucking aphid?? dont know how serious this is so any remedies,cures and magic potions would be very helpful...many thanks




Your photo is nicely focused on the plant behind, showing through the gap in the leaves, so can't see what the bugs might be, but I assume they're aphids of some kind, specially if they're on newer shoots. Spray with an appropriate pesticide.

20 Jun, 2011


That's a really cool "keyhole" effect :-) - very artistic, but no help for ID purposes.

20 Jun, 2011


Some camera's automatic focusing systems show no sense, and some can't even be adjusted!

21 Jun, 2011


I have one that does exactly the same - so often I've taken a pic of a flower and found that it's all fuzzy, but the leaf litter on the ground behind it is pin sharp. My recycle bin was full of them til my OH reloaded my computer the other day.

21 Jun, 2011


thanks guys....stupid camera focus eh...nevermind i believe its whitefly problem. just gonna find some grenades!..that will sort out the buggas :-)

23 Jun, 2011


I've found Provado to be excellent on whitefly. Insecticidal soap or diluted organic washing up fluid are another possibility, though coverage has to be thorough, and application has to be frequent, with those.

24 Jun, 2011

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