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we have an ornamental citrus tree in our garden that seeded from atree next door. That was almost 15 years ago and the neighbor and tree are gone. I remember my neighbor telling me that this tree was called the "The Thorns of Jesus". It has sharp ,long th


By Maggi

United States Us

flying dragon citrus?



Perhaps it is Poncirus trfoliata Bitter Orange.. That has massive thorns almost replace leaves.

7 Dec, 2008


Yes, I would agree. There also is a rare contorted form of this that I once got for a customer of mine. I am slowly seeding the possibility that I should continue taking care of it.

It would be a superb Bonsai. My supplications are very heart felt. This tree should be MINE!

Your bitter orange, if that is correct is a mere oddity. No fruit to speak of, and is just a thorny son of a gun.

8 Dec, 2008

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