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Can you advise what plants/ shrubs can be easily grown in a container on a north-west facing (sunny from mid afternoon) roof terrace, open to the wind when from N, W and E, to provide privacy?



It depends really on what size container you're going to use.
If you buy pots that are a decent size, and that's going to be more than 2feet width and height, you could grow a massive range of things, so firstly you need to address the pot size issue before you go further.

A lot of plants will go into a smaller pot but after a year or so they'll outgrow it, you might not realise it and they start to die .... you'll be thinking of various reasons but it usually comes down to the fact that they're rootbound and far too dry.

Potted plants need twice as much water as ground grown things, because the terracotta leaches the moisture and because the bottom couple of inches of the roots don't get enough water - so you have to have the hosepipe on them for a weekly soaking and not just a watering can full every now and again.

19 Jun, 2011


3 things I would consider? weight is the roof able to support them? Where will the excess water go? and securing them as the wind may well blow them over?

19 Jun, 2011


Denise, you're absolutely right, i'd overlooked that bit, those are factors which will have to come first, aren't they !

19 Jun, 2011


Yes louise and often over looked, till water or weight cause real structural problems.

19 Jun, 2011


With it being open to wind on 3 sides I would be tempted to put up some trellis first, as the wind will knock down the pots unless you weld them! That will filter out the worst wind and provide privacy. You do not need planning permission for a temporary wooden structure. Am guessing you live near the coast with that name. So some hardy coastal plants will be needed to be factored in. Perhaps some Viburnams and Tamarix. Seaholly is attractive and evergreen.

19 Jun, 2011

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