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hello and good morning, also happy fathers day to all the fathers ,

i got a question containing to my strawberry plants, i found some small red an yellow insects on my strawberrys an was wondering if any body would no what they are and are they dangerious to my plants or me, or kids since they pick them when they see a red one,

Img_20110619_175803 Img_20110619_180937



It's a bit blurry on the pic, but they look like aphids - greenfly maybe?
If so, you can squish them daily between your fingers if you aren't squeamish - or perhaps that's a job for the children!! Taking care not to squish plant material.
Or you can spray/gently rinse off with a mild soap solution - like for instance very diluted washing up liquid. And then clear water. That would not mean any danger to people eating the strawberries.

19 Jun, 2011


Thanks for the reply, sorry about the quality of the pics. ill give the mild soap solution a try, an see if that get rid of them, i just love strawberry an lost a lost of plants last year, wouldnt want same this year again.

but as said thanks for replying.

19 Jun, 2011

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