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I am growing for the first time as a challenge, Atlantic Jiant Pumpkin, can any one give me a few tips on how to grow this plant. I have made a bed of layered compost cow manure grass clipping etc, it sits on the bed a foot hight surrounded by a white seethrough poletheen cover as I only have a small garden I have made a separate bed for it. I live in Wales UK and the weather has not been good over the last six weeks and my dear pumpkin Percy is suffering going a little yellow round the leaves. I feed it every day, it is growing, but cant sleep at night wondering what to do next. Also do I let the bees pollenate or do I chance polenation with a brush (not many bees about due to bed weather. The flowers are there, not open at the moment, but two have a bulbus feature below the flower, im guessing they are females. Any advice would be very grateful. Thankyou. Cheri Mid Wales.



I wouldn't feed every day, you will kill all the baby pumpkins. It will grow best with deep, even watering, and a slow acting, organic fertilizer, such as a mix of blood meal and kelp meal, applied about every month. For the largest fruit, I would pollinate several female flowers, and only keep the largest one or two.

19 Jun, 2011

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