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I have a Clematis, (Flodria Sieboldii) it's white petals with a purple centre of fine petals.It's about6/7 years old. It has been planted in the garden 3 times in different positions because it started to die,each time I dug it up and put it in a pot in the greenhouse and it revived.for the past 2years it has been in a pot, it has flowered both years,except the flowers are small, the White petals are folded back like it is dying,nor do they last long.Pot enlarged this year with new compost/soil. I have 6 other Clematis in pots/garden and they are fine.Help please



I have 2 of these too, Johnkillick !
Both are planted out in the ground and both do well.
This particular clematis isn't as tough/hardy as most others and if the site's too cold or not enough sun they will fail to thrive.

Keeping these potted means a large pot because clems roots are going to be at least 12" deep and they like a cool area for their roots, so place something over the pot (or soil) to shade them.
Potting might also result in smaller flowers because of these restrictions on the roots.

The position will need to be south facing ideally, and sheltered too, keep them as warm and windfree as possible and they should come back to their former glory.

18 Jun, 2011


Many thanks Louise1. I'll sort that out and hope that things improve next season.Regards John

18 Jun, 2011


Mine looks very sad this year - it's got the best possible position, but the constant rain has ruined the flowers.

18 Jun, 2011

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