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i have a bramley and worcester applwe tree in my garden the worcester is producing fruit fine but the bramley is producing nothing and seem to have small green balls on the underside of the tree which ants seem attracted to what should i do to improve my chances of getting fruit from this and how should i treat it

On plant bramley apple tree



Tiny green balls about half to one and a half times pinhead size? Or bigger?

17 Jun, 2011


i would say size of a pin head

18 Jun, 2011


Sounds like aphids. They suck the sugary sap that the leaves produce, and excrete what they can't digest. The ants are farming them for their excretions (honeydew), so they protect them from predators, and move young ones to new growth and other trees. Sometimes all that is needed to remove the aphids is to stop the ants, so the predators can get at them. Sometimes it is necessary to spray the aphids with insecticidal soap, or diluted organic washing up fluid. Aphids rarely stop a tree from bearing though, so something else must be wrong. Did it bloom this year, Ps?

18 Jun, 2011


bramleys are tripods they need two pollenters you need to get one more apple tree of a diffrenet verity from the ones you have now i belive bramley is group 2 so something like a coxs or james grieve so do the trick

20 Jun, 2011

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