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My lawn is a terrible mess, resembles a rugby pitch in places! I have bought grass seed and also a big container of lawn feed, weed and mosskiller. Have put the grass seed down yesterday (I know its rather late) but had to do something. How long before I can put the feed,weed and killer down? When will I be able to mow the lawn again? Thanks!



Unless you've broadcast the seed all over, you can mow the parts where the old lawn is growing, but the new bits need cutting with shears the first time, when its about 6 inches (unless you've got a good, sharp Flymo which does actually float properly), and this time of year, probably the second cut as well needs to be with shears. As for the treatment you've bought, a couple of months really, which effectively means you can't use it this year - I think July is the last month for feeding lawns (check the box) and after that it has to be an Autumn treatment which is a different chemical composition.

17 Jun, 2011


Thanks you for the quick reply. I had thought that I could use the treatment any time, should have read the instructions before buying!

17 Jun, 2011


It'll keep till next year provided you keep it somewhere dry. First treatment's April then another 6 weeks later.

17 Jun, 2011


Thanks again, I will maybe take it back and buy a plant instead, April is soooo far away!

17 Jun, 2011


Not at my age, it's not - I often feel its barely worth putting the Christmas decs away, it comes round again so fast, lol!

17 Jun, 2011


Same here Bamboo - its quite scarey.

18 Jun, 2011

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