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I had an attack of honey fungus 20 years ago and lost several plants, since then the area has been grassed over with no plants. I now wish to plant 5 Super star hybrid T roses could you please tell me if they could still be affected.



Before these stupid EU idiots came along, Armillatox was a wonderful product that sorted out no end of garden soil problems, including what you have/had.
I've got the original packaged stuff, so i've not had to buy any for many years, but i believe it has now been renamed but will still do the job of the original.
I wouldn't know for sure if the honey fungus is still in your soil, but try e mailing the manufacturers of Armillatox for advice...i'm sure they will give you an answer.

16 Jun, 2011


if you look on the rhs website re plants resistant to honey fungus you will see if roses are listed.

I too have learnt to live and plant with honey fungus [there is more than one species and not all are the doom and gloom rampant killers either. with out these fungi not a lot would get broken down on the planet, so a necessary evil really]

17 Jun, 2011


Amillatox drenching is a good idea. You could also try removing a substantial amount of soil where you want to plant, use new compost and Rootgrow which will set up a barrier if honey fungus is still present.

17 Jun, 2011


many thanks for your answers

17 Jun, 2011

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