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I have a unhappy Ensete maurelii. It was doing great until around 4 weeks ago. All new leaves are deformed, small & some have black edges.

Any ideas what cause this?





A photograph would be useful, but some questions - is it in the ground or in a pot, outside or inside? If outside, how long's it been there?

16 Jun, 2011


Thanks I've added a photo. Orginally the plant was in my conservatory. It was doing very well with a leaf every 10 days & each leaf was getting bigger. Then the 1st stunted leaf appeared. I thought I may be over watering or feeding, so I left it for a while. After the 3rd stunted leaf & put it outside. The consevatory gets little light, so I wanted to see if this helped. It's been kept in the pot all the time.

18 Jun, 2011


This is how they look when autumn and winter set in - it might be that your conservatory got colder at night than, say, in April when it was hot and the shock has affected it, but I'm also wondering about the pot - I can't tell how deep it is, but is it potbound? See if there's roots visible at the bottom, or turn it out and have a look.

18 Jun, 2011


Sorry fo the late reply Bomboo. I've been away from home for a while. I had a loo & the plant is far from pot bound. Today & noticed a new leaf forming. Fingers crossed, it looks like it might be better. Not sure yet but so far it looks ok. I'd still like to know what I did wrong for this to happen in the 1st place.

Thanks again

1 Jul, 2011


I still think it was low temperatures - see how it goes now its producing new leaves.

1 Jul, 2011

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