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please identify the plant in the image


By Arun

India In

its a small plant less than a feet tall with red flowers and a white spathe like stucture over it

here's a close up of the flowers.its not a cleodendrum




I,d like a closer look at the flower,but it may be a Clerodendrum.
Have a look yourself via the web,and if it is,nt then sorry, I have no idea

27 Nov, 2008


look at clerodendrum thomsoniae

27 Nov, 2008


bit hard to tell from this pic, do you have clearer one?

27 Nov, 2008


I am going to go with the crowd. Clerodendrum. When was the picture taken? My Clerodendrum was blooming until just a few weeks ago. There are many different kinds, but there is very little blooming at this time of the year shrubwise speaking. Viburnumns and a few other things.

That said, your description that it is less than a foot tall and is blooming makes me ponder. I doubt that such a young clerodendrum would bloom.

A picture of the foliage would help!

28 Nov, 2008


it is a clerodendrum thomsoniae thank you

28 Nov, 2008

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