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Summer trailer


By Janey

Lincolnshire, England Eng

Hi All, I can't remember the name of this pretty summer trailer, does anyone know? I have four wall planters and they have this and pelargoniums in which are still budding and flowering....I think the wall is sheltering them....would I be able to save the green plant over winter do you think?




~I have had this before but can't remember the name~ if you can put it somwhere sheltered~under cover maybe?I think it may come through!

25 Nov, 2008


Helo Arlen,

If the leaves and stems are somewhat wooly or fuzzy it is probably Helichrysum angustifolium. I used to grow a dwarf form as well as the regular. Now hardly anyone has them in the states. There are many different cultivars and species.

The H. angustifolium I grew was silvery-green in full sun and had a rich curry smelling flower (small). I used it under some of my specie Musk roses. The combination of those two flower smells would have made a great Men's cologne. I definatey could see it twining its way beneath pelergoniums.

25 Nov, 2008


~ yes I think that was it!

26 Nov, 2008


That one of yours looks more lime green and there are some of those. One new one is named Moe's Gold or something like that. I preferred the silver foliaged ones.

None of these are reliably hardy in cold areas. Winter wetness may affect them as well. During most years in my dry Sequim mini-climate they did well, without any special care. Fifteen miles to the west Port Angeles gets twice the rainfall. The plants would often die, unless taken up and put into a cold frame. Winter wetness is as much of a problem as freezing.

Do google Helichrisum petiolatum aureum or same, varietatum. I think yours is more in that grouping, like 'Moe's Gold'.

26 Nov, 2008


Hello Janey, We have this in our hanging baskets every year but only once have I ever bought it, I put it in the cold greenhouse when I dismantle the baskets and pot up cuttings off it. I should think it a bit late to take the cuttings now but I would take a number off them in the early Spring. Perhaps some of the more professional gardeners can give you sounder advice, as I just do it every year when I dismantle the baskets and they grow! I don't ask any questions!!!!

26 Nov, 2008


Right Janey out of the Book "Divide perenials in Spring. Root heel or semi ripe cuttings of Shrubby species in Summer and over winter in frost free conditions. That explains why mine grow as it is usually late Summer my baskets go past their best. I would still try taking the cuttings in early Spring. You still have the mother plants which will need tidying back anyway.

26 Nov, 2008


Well...thanks all for your great advice,
Secateur ~ I remember now,it is a helichrysum and the leaves are fuzzy....when bought as young plants, they were bright lime-green. After I took lobelia etc out of the baskets in the early Autumn I left these in till I bought some winter plants and they really took off!

Telme8 ~ Many thanks for looking in your book, I shall put them in the greenhouse till next spring then take the cuttings for next summer.....great!

Arlene ~ Am going to google it's a very pretty plant and keeps growing and growing...I think the shelter from the wall is keeping it dry!

26 Nov, 2008



Any member of this family would look great with dark blue lobelia. Telme8 is right on with her advice. It is too late! You would have to force the plants to grow in the spring, before taking cuttings. By the time you factor the heating costs, it often is cheaper just to buy new starts from a grower.

One hint for the future. Cut the plant back in early Oct. or late Sept. It will stimulate more growth that has time to haden off before winter. The more compact, more foliaged plant has a better chance of surving the coming winter.

26 Nov, 2008


That's a shame secateur...I shall enjoy them as they are then and see how long they you say new plants hardly cost anything at all!

26 Nov, 2008


Have just had a look on Google......and there it is Helichrysum petiolare ~ Lime Licorice!

26 Nov, 2008

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