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I am moving into a new build house and my garden is a rectangle, with a wooden fence all the way round. I would like to do some raised beds, as for the rest, I have no idea about how to start designing a garden. I fancy a circular lawn, a arbour and a large pergolla with a swing seat underneath. Apart from that I've no idea how to start?



Welcome to Goy - Sounds as if you have some firm ideas? well thats a good start. Why not take a look at various pages on Goypeadia - go to the bottom of the page and select a letter to look at pages such as 'Back garden ideas', 'Arches' or 'Makeover ideas' etc for lots of photo ideas from other members. The thing to do is not try and rush it take your time and see what's available in structures such as Arbours even if you build your own. Good luck I shall look forward to following your progress.

11 Jun, 2011


Sounds lovely. Some people start with squared paper and draw in the things they are sure about to scale. You can even get computer programs for this nowadays. Remember a round lawn is much harder to mow than a square one. If your garden is long and narrow it can be a good idea to divide it with shrubs or trellis and climbers into into two compartments, with lawn and flowers in the part near the house and your veg in the other part. Curves will soften a garden this shape. You could have clematis and roses on your wooden fencing. Different clematis flower at different times of the year so you could have a selection.

A paved area is useful.

12 Jun, 2011

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