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Houttuynia cordata 'Chameleon'....

I've always loved the foliage on this plant and I bought one today on the spur of the moment....
(no planting instructions incidentally)....THEN realised, when I got home,that it needs to grow in 'a moist, boggy area preferably'.

I do not have a pond in this garden so am wondering WHERE to plant it in this garden as there are no wettish areas! Obviously I will have to keep it moist...but wondered what other people's experiences are of this plant.

Any advice will be greatly received!



In dry soil it spreads quite a lot, might be best in a pot.

11 Jun, 2011


I wrote a blog on this as it took me 5 years to get rid of it Izzy. It can be so invasive and then almost impossible to get rid of.
The best thing is to put it in a good sized pot and always water it well and it will flower for you and look pretty. But do put the pot on feet and on a solid surface and not over the cracks between paving or it will escape through the bottom, mine travelled several feet under the patio before popping up in a flower bed and it went nuts.

11 Jun, 2011


Good grief! A real thug then! I'm so easily 'taken in' by beautiful foliage!

I'm off to read your blog NOW...thank you!

12 Jun, 2011


Plantaholic, I might well regret this purchase if I'm not careful! Impulse buys, eh!

12 Jun, 2011


"On the pull for five years".....THAT made me laugh!

"but she got him in the end!" perhaps should be added to your blog title.!LOL

LOVING the title, Drc726!

The other comments are noteworthy too!

12 Jun, 2011


I really think plants like these should have it clearly stated on the label Izzy.

12 Jun, 2011


Hmmm! I wondered why there was no plant label/instructions when I arrived home, Drc726. Maybe it was no I being very sceptical? LoL.

I will put this specimen in a pot though, off the ground, as you suggested. I do love the foliage and still want it in the garden...but not taking over!

Thanks for your help. I've read lots of your blogs today while the rain has been a constant, heavy downpour.:-)) The central heating has been on all cold and windy here...feels like November!


12 Jun, 2011


Very odd weather poor plants!

12 Jun, 2011

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