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When is the best time to prune my new miniture apple tree of 1 year and cherry tree of 2 years ,and how far back do I cut.

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Hi Stix42, Welcome to GOY.
For your Apple tree prune it lightly back to the first large buds.
Prune your cherry tree in the summer.

25 Nov, 2008


Doctorbob is right on.

However in the spring, go back to the apple and prune more selectively to a bud that is facing in a direction you desire the branch to grow. Pruning to a downward facing bud for instance might encourage weepingness. etc.

One addition. When buying a new tree, one wants to create a branch structure that is WAY separated. What looks as a big spacing biw will not be when the tree and its limbs mature. All too often, one ends up with a tree with all of the limbs coming together in one leaf and rot potential crotch. So when BUYING look for a taller than normal choice and pick future limbs separated by a foot or more. W. S. N. and East.

Next caveat. When deleating the other branches, leave a one inch or two stub for that first year. That fools the tree into thinking it still has that limb and you will not get as much rampant growth in the remaining limbs. All those stubs will also sprout leaves and partly shade the young tender trunk from the sun. Next year cut them back to the trunk.

Summer pruning yes for Cherries and Walnuts, the latter only if their is a real problem. They bleed badly..

25 Nov, 2008


Bear in mind the apple tree is a dwarf with about 5 terminals and pruning twice will cause stress and bleeding. We prune cherries in the summer because of silver leaf disease. If bleeding occurs we cauterize the cut.

26 Nov, 2008

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