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Can anyone tell me what fruit this is?

France Fr

It is about the size of a thumbnail and bright red with a rough skin. There is no stone. It is peach colour inside and very soft consistency when ripe and pretty tasteless but not disagreeable and, as I am still here, not poisonous!




Hi that is the strawberry tree Arbutus unedo, and no it is not poisonous, as you say just tasteless, it is a large shrub 0r small tree and quite hardy. If you need any more information just ask.

22 Nov, 2008


Hi Troddles, "as I am still here, not poisonous!" Nice to know, but next time around we might lose. I happen to have a hedge of these and they make a wonderful one. Planted alone they make handsome small trees.

I wonder which of your birds are most attracted to these? In the U.K. you have different birds than in my neck of the woods. One plant that is a GREAT bird drawer is Aronia.
It tends to spread but can be wacked back. Aronia is a super healthy berry for humans, but I never seem to keep ahead of the birds.

Another berry that I am planning my economic success story on is Ugni molinae. Fresh Ugni juice is great!
Ugni shakes, Ugni ice cream, Ugni bangers. Ugni Pemmican is great! Ugni suasage!!!
I am sure I am on the right track with this one.

Both will grow in Great Britain.

23 Nov, 2008


Hi Troodles,

Arbutus unedo (Strawberry tree) is really abundant in the Greek Islands - it also comes from Ireland as well and is native in parts of America.

They have a lovely big one (tree size) growing near to where I live in Southend - Essex, England. The fruits around Nov-Dec drop off the tree all over the pavement and road and their are little strawberries everywhere.

A few years ago I was growing one in my garden but it was only a little seedling and next door's cat came over and snapped it off from the roots - nevermind - as you can see by my (tag photo) I do like cats.

I'll just have to grow another one.

Happy gardening.


23 Nov, 2008


I think the 'unedo' part of the name translates as 'eat one' - as you have discovered, it is not worth eating two!

23 Nov, 2008

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