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what shrubs attract birds mostly

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I would like to see more tits and finches in the garden



Finches love teasels to eat. All birds like to have a place to roost or hide from predators, so evergreens will always be popular. Ivies on walls are good as well - not the house wall, though!!!

21 Nov, 2008


There are some recommendations on the following site as well.

21 Nov, 2008


Evergreena and any that berry up, rambling roses as well they love the rose hips

21 Nov, 2008


Blue Tits and Warblers like to eat Aphids , so I never spray My Roses round the door, but have the nut container hanging nearbye, so they have a good mixed diet. Cotoneaster Watereri is almpost always visited by the Migrant Thrushes ,like Redwings. Holly is usually cleared before Christmas by the Blackbirds. Pigeons love the Flowering Ivy on my Garage roof. Birds before Bricks. The Ivy was a fine home to the House Sparrows, but I removed it to save the brickwork and now regret doing so as I haven't seen a House Sparrow for over a year.
Decisions Decisions.

21 Nov, 2008

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