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Where do I cut, when my orchids flower dies?

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my orchids flowers are dying and I am aware that I need to cut the stalk, but I don't know where.




Hi Orchid lover welcome to GoY.

Phalaenopsis have long flowering stems with a few scales along the length, some have flowers that develop from them and some stay dormant when they first emerge.

Cut just above the highest node that didn't have a flower. If in doubt leave the whole spike and it will start to develop a new spike from the old, then trim the excess.

Lower night temperatures will also help them to bloom. Just put the plant on the floor. This is enough drop to initiate bloom and improve blooming.


20 Nov, 2008


HA! - John - we are going to disagree a tiny bit again - but not very!

When the last flower has dropped off a stem, I cut it back to just above the bottom scale (node). I find that this keeps the plant looking much tidier and the Orchid does produce new stems, either from the old 'stump' or from between the leaves. Having tried each method, I prefer this one.

I agree that should the plant be a bit slow in producing a new stem, it needs to be put in a place where the temperature is a few degrees lower, so mine get banished to the cool spare bedroom for up to 3 weeks and this works well.

On the floor?? You are obviously not the person who cleans in your house! LOL

20 Nov, 2008


Dunno Spritz. I am not the orchid grower in this house either. Boss Lady is orchid nuts and just puts them on the floor at night. Not during the day when somebody (presumably Her) does the cleaning. I do the cooking though. LoL.


20 Nov, 2008


I got 'himself' to make me a small table the same style as the repro coffee table we have. It is exactly the right size to take the orchids that live on the sitting room windowsill at night when I draw the curtains.

I am orchid nuts as well. What does she grow apart fromn Phalaenopsis? I have a Dendrobium and four Cymbidiums. I think I have about 12 Phalaenopsis - two are miniatures.

20 Nov, 2008


Ashamed to say I cut the flower stem right back to almost 1/2 inch from roots. A new leaf is just starting to grow so the plant is still alive at least but have I lost all chances of a new flower stem being produced.

15 Mar, 2009


No, you may get a new stem from beween the leaves. Give it the 'cool' treatment if this doesn't happen soon - see comment above!

Good luck.

15 Mar, 2009


Hi ok i took your advice and cut the old flower stem last night - you might have said its like cutting your arm off!!! anyway the stem can you root it like normal cuttings or is it no good and needs to be chucked??

14 May, 2009


hi, i have an orchid it a Phalaenopsis and i have cut back the old flower.
It has now threw 2 roots a small flower and a new spike from the top node - like a new plant. What do i do cut it off and plant it or lay it down until it roots and then cut it

Thanks Luke

29 Jun, 2009


Hey thats a really good post... it has really helped me a lot...

9 Nov, 2009


How are all your Orchids I am thrilled to say mine are all in new bud mode.

19 Jul, 2011

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