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Right time of year for shrub cuttings?


By Hazel

Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

Having recently moved into a new house with an almost empty garden, I was wondering if it the right time of year to get some plants, esp shrubs, from cuttings? I have sown lots of seed of annuals etc to fill some space but am keen to have a bit more structure. I have got my eye on a friend's cornus (looks like midwinter fire with its brilliant red stems) and thought I might beg a piece of two. Have I missed the boat for cuttings until the autumn/winter or could I try some now? Any advice would be very welcome as I have never propogated from cuttings before....Thanks.



I am definately the sort of person who when pruning I stick some bits in the soil somewhere else in the garden. If it survives it survives. Just make sure where ever you place them you have dug the soil over a to help it on it's way.
\cornus is ideal as it is usually grown for its winter stem colour. Snip a couple of pieces and give it a go.

10 Mar, 2008


Wait until your friend is looking in the other direction and then use secaters and cut a big long stem - I assume your friend cuts her cornus back to the base each year so that it sends up long straight shoots with good colour for winter? If so, then cut one of these right near the base and plant it in the garden about up to 1/3rd of its length. Cornus is generally easy to root this way. If poss try several, as some always will fail and you will avoid dissapointment. Otherwise, later on you can take heel cuttings - they root easily, but without pictures to show you it's a little difficult to explain in writting! Any gardening book will show you how to do it. Good luck!

10 Mar, 2008


When they get to a certain age, 'Midwinter Fire' starts to sucker so then your friend will be glad to give you bits. But, like a lady, don't ask how old before this starts to happen

10 Mar, 2008

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