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large hebe removed,but not all roots. Want to plant tree,
do all deep roots need to be dug out.Can a chemical be used?



No - keep digging! I shall have the very same problem in July - my very large Hebe suffered in the winter, and has to come out.

7 Jun, 2011


I too have to get large Hebe out...but I've left it until I can summon up the courage to remove it. I was going to leave it until the emd of summer....but perhaps it should be sooner as I need to plant something else there. I'm not so confident about Autumn planting now, after the horrors of the last two winters.

What would you advise, Spritz?

7 Jun, 2011


That's exactly why I'm intending to get rid of it after the garden open days, Izzie. I want to get the new tree in ASAP, even if it means more watering. Then it'll have more time to get its roots down. After all, you can plant container trees/shrubs at any time.

You're like me - it will be a tough job to get the Hebe out, but it must go, it's an eye-sore. I'm dreading it!

7 Jun, 2011

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