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Will we harm our pine tree?


By Kornos

Surrey, United Kingdom Gb

We have a 25 yr old Mediterraen pine tree-20-25 ft high very healthy it grows in the border with a path made of slabs between' it' and our lawn. The problem is that the roots of the tree have been pushing up the slabs in the last couple of years so that the path is now rather uneven and a bit dangerous-our question is: if we lift the slabs and shave/cut the root that sticks up will we harm the tree? Or someone may have another solution -thanks for your help

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If . Best check if there are plenty of other roots.if the tree is growing well as you say. I don't think one root less will do much harm.
You could raise the path but the tree root will only get thicker .
It might be possible to remove a branch or two to compensate for the lost root remove it from same side as root was growing.

17 Nov, 2008


Could you re-route the path as the problem will probably only get worse? Having said that, at Sheffied Park the car park is under Med pine trees and they don't seem to mind the compaction made by cars driving near them. Or how about a raised boardwalk over the roots?

19 Nov, 2008

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