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By Harli

Washington, United States Us

Here is a closer look at the Rhus or whatever it is




This looks like a Rhus. Fantastic autumn leaf colour, although they do send out runners via the roots. I have two small ones that have travelled from my last garden with me.

9 Mar, 2008


Thank you trees and things. Someone had told me they thought it was sumac but wasnt sure. I looked up Rhus and it does look like you may be right. I will probably know more when it has leaves.

9 Mar, 2008


Same thing Harli - Rhus and Sumac are from the same family. Different names depending on where you are

10 Mar, 2008


Rhus is the botanical Latin name; sumac or sumach is the common name for shrubs in the family (there's a dwarf sumach, fragrant sumach and stag's horn sumach from memory).
And yes, it is a rhus

10 Mar, 2008


Rhus sumach are quite common in my part of the world. Locally we have one type that they call the a vinegar tree. I have two young ones in my garden and it is one of my favourite trees. The Autumn colour is fantastic. So far mine have not shown signs of suckering, but the oldest one is only in its third year.

10 Mar, 2008


I saw a Rhus in a friend's garden and it looked lovely especially in autumn.They gave me a cutting.. However after a a few years suckers came up all over my smallish front garden and I had to remove the tree. We have a light sandy soil. Possibly that affects its behaviour.

13 Mar, 2008

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