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tracchelospermum jasminoides.Climber. My appartment has a yard and it is fairly shadey only gets the sun shine a little. would this plant be ok I have got it in a container against a wall ........... It is so difficult to get nice plants for shady area

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will it be ok



In a word, no. Tracheleospermum is a sun-lover and will not be happy in a shady courtyard.
Climbers suitable for shade include hydrangea petiolaris (although this will reach 20 feet), pileostegia viburnoides, vitis henryana and some euonymus ('Silver Queen' and 'emerald Gaiety' are particulalrly good). All are self-clinging and the euonymus are evergreen with variegated foliage.

16 Nov, 2008


Totally agree with Andrewr, star jasmine (as it is also known) needs to be against a wall that gets plenty of sun.
It is also quite so growing.
Along with Andrewr's selection there are also some nice climbing roses that grow in the shade.
If the plant you want doesn't have to be a climber why not try something like a Mahonia. Decorative evergreen, holly type leaves, fantastic bright yellow racemes of flowers through the winter months and berries in the summer.
I also grew a climbing fuschia this year (Lady Boothby), it loves the shade.
I bought mine at a nursery in February and it has grown from 2 inches to 3 metres over the last 9 months and is still flowering, early November..

16 Nov, 2008

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