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Any suggesions of shrubs that are colourful in November?


By Sneezy

United Kingdom Gb

We bought a beautiful acer shrub in memory of our baby boy who was stillborn. Unfortunately we did not realise the leaves would fall off by the time of his anniversary (mid Nov). We would like a small, slow growing shrub that would be in flower or have bright leaves at that time. As the shrub will be in a rememberance garden, it has to be slow growing & not get to big & easy to maintain. It would be sheltered. Ideally we would like something with bright flowers or leaves in red or blue or purple however realise there is not much choice at this time of year! If any one has any suggestions I would love to hear of them. Thank you.



Hi again Sneezy. So sorry to hear about your son. I can certainly suggest a beautiful smallish shrub. It's leaves are though yellow, literally like sunshine, all year, which may help. That is Choisya ternata 'Sundance'. If you go looking for this on Google then make sure you get the 'Sundance' variety. The standard one is green and, although a lovely plant is somewhat ordinary compared to the gold one. It is also known as 'Mexican mock orange' because of the beautiful blossom and is fully hardy and doesn't mind shade and damp. It is readily available from nurseries or centres.


16 Nov, 2008


I am so sorry of your sadness andyes can appricate not a lot at this time year could always have nice colourful primulas underneath .

I planted up for a friend a memory pot with an evergreen Choisya ternate

I also bought a varigated foliage hypercium which leaves have a tinge of red around edge .

Also Red Robin leaves are so pretty.
Think you will love this one .

16 Nov, 2008


Hi John we posted at same time.

16 Nov, 2008


There's also Skimmia japonica 'Rubella' which is evergreen and has clusters of red buds now, which open to pink later.

I hope that you find something that you like to remind you of your son.

16 Nov, 2008


Hello Sneezy, I am so sorry too about your baby son, and agree a Choisya Sundance is beautiful at any time of the year...golden green pretty foliage and dainty could be planted with Gypsophelia for the Summer which has very dainty beautiful white flowers. It's other name is Babies' Breath which would be very meaningful. Loving thoughts X

16 Nov, 2008


As I don't know where in the UK you are, this may or may not be a possibility.
As well as the well-known spring flowering camellias, there are some that bloom in the autumn and winter including November. Camellia sasanqua is hardy to around -8C, needs an acid soil (but would grow well in ericaceous compost in a large pot if your soil is not suitable) and require a sheltered position, not in a frost pocket.
Varieties with red flowers include 'Crimson King', 'Dwarf Shishi' (ideal for a container) and camellia x vernalis 'Yuletide' (although this flowers a bit later).
For suppliers, check out Plantfinder on

16 Nov, 2008


Sorry to but in to this ? but seeing yuletide this is such a beautiful camelia .

16 Nov, 2008


You have my deepest sympathy, we had the same experience, although it was many years ago . May I suggest Winter flowering Heather, some are earrlier fliowering than others so check in Garden Centre.

16 Nov, 2008


I have an Azalea 'Glower Embers' it IS deciduous (looses leaves in winter) but as I speak, it still have its leaves and they are a most beautiful glowing reddish orange right now. It will flower in spring with yellowish orange flowers.

17 Nov, 2008


Hello everyone. So sorry to hear of your loss Sneezy. I have a pieris "forest flame" which I have had for years and it is still only about 4' tall. It's a beautful evergreen plant with new leaves of red and has white flowers spring and autumn. No maintenance seems to be required apart from maybe protecting it during heavy frosts.

18 Nov, 2008


Wow, thank you everyone for all your brilliant replies. I am busy looking at all your suggestions & need to decide whether to replace the acer that was planted or just add a shrub near it. This decision would affect the size of any shrub chosen. I'm tempted to keep the acer as it is lovely although my husband is not so sure! Will keep you posted on what we eventually chose!

18 Nov, 2008


Sneezy you are more than welcome by all of us.

Acer woudl compliment whatever you choose but bare in mind Acers can get big.

Take care .

19 Nov, 2008

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