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Can I STOP an azalea from blooming?

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I have spent hundreds of dollars in the past year regardening the home he left me, and everything I have planted blooms in red. My father planted 2 bushes 10 years ago not knowing what they were. They are a brilliant green and fluff up well. One blooms a Hot pink in late spring the other doesnt bloom at all. I just found out from a local green thumb that they are both Azaleas...I really like the lushness of the I really want to keep them, but I don't want the pink. Can I STOP the blooming of the bush???



yes if you realy have to . just cut off the buds..

12 Nov, 2008


When Cutting the Buds away do use Pruners as u may find Shears / Hedge Trimmer will make the Leafs look Horrid after theyv cut through them :/

12 Nov, 2008


of course..I guess I could give them away to someone who would love 'em right, and make the second one bloom...

And replace them with some RED blooming Azaleas!

12 Nov, 2008

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