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Unknown Plant


By Deida51

Staffordshire, United Kingdom

Can anybody identify this plant? Belongs to a friend,the only information I've got is that the leaves feel like velved.
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It looks like a Verbascum, but I don't know which variety.

12 Nov, 2008


I too thought verbascum Janet. Bit late in the year (my V. Arctic summer is well asleep but my others are still healthy but not flowering). But until the flower appears (and it may not this late) impossible to say which one, except it is not Arctic summer. No white floss on leaves.


12 Nov, 2008


Yes it is definitely a verbascum, could be Thapsus?.

12 Nov, 2008


Thank you all for your help,very much appreciated

12 Nov, 2008


It is definately a vabascum they grow wild down with us although we are on the clay, we find them growing where there are piles of stones and rough ground. I am pretty sure it is the Verbascum bombyciferum (huge white wooly basal leaves may be up to 15 inches long. It is sold sometimes under the name of Verbascum Broussa. It flowers in Summer but who knows this year many plants seems to be flowering and fruiting out of season.

12 Nov, 2008


Thank you Telme8 for your information..very helpful

13 Nov, 2008


This type of Verbascum (we call it wooly mullein) is a wild flower that grows in very clay soils and has yellow flowers. That is the flower bud at the top there. I like them for the interesting fuzzy leaves. My hubby loves to call these "Hairy Holligans"!

13 Nov, 2008


Thanks Wohlibuli..agree with your hubby..not seeing the plant in full bloom..looks like a hairy holligan

13 Nov, 2008

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