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how tall does a salix integra hakuro nishiki grow


By Aldawn

United Kingdom Gb

thinking of buying one but only have a small garden

On plant hakuro nishiki



hi Aldawn, i have one of these, and they are best kept in check by regular pruning, not that they get really big, i have'nt seen one much bigger than about 4ft-5ft standard, or if you get the bush type they don't get much bigger than about 3ft-4ft but they can get scraggley, and weedy looking if you don't cut them back at least once a year. and the more you cut back the better they look especially when the new growth comes through red and pink in the spring. they can make quite nice pudding, ball or lollypop shapes if kept well cut. and they don't have to be big to look good. so i would say an ideal specimine plant for a small garden. hope this helps.

11 Nov, 2008


Or to add to that, Aidawn, if you are really worried then keep it in a pot which will restrict its growth. But I do agree with Majeekahead. It is ideal for a small garden.


11 Nov, 2008

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