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By Rjs

Hi: An acquaintance received this plant as a gift. He didn't want it and gave it to us, but we have no idea what plants are in here. It's a mixed grouping and the only things we can identify are a few shoots of bamboo (the photo doesn't show them) and a fern. It had some kind of ivy as well but most of it died so we cut it back. Does anyone have any ideas as to the other plants in here? Thanks for your help!




Wow, quite an assortment.. I see schefflera or gum tree as they call it downunder give it a google, dieffenbachia, boston fern, croton x 2(red,orange, yellow & green all on one plant..their sap is poison or at best an irritant. off the top of my head I can't remember the other green and cream variegated leafed plant...have to get back to you... google or wikipedia the names I've given you.. info should be easily available.

9 Mar, 2008


Yes, Lori, I see "Umbrella Plant" (Schefflera), Leopard Lily (Dieffenbachia), Boston fern and Croton - but - the other escapes me for now, although I should know it.

9 Mar, 2008


Thanks so much for your help! I think we're going to separate all this stuff and replant each plant in its own pot. Now that we have names we'll be able to better take care of all the different plants here. Thanks again.

9 Mar, 2008


Excellent idea..rjs.

The schefflera is a tree!... some of the dieffenbachias will grow to three feet tall...croton remains relatively small nice pot plant..don't let animals chew it though. You said there was would do well on it's own... you have just inherited a lovely little indoor garden...each plant needs it's space and they will fill up your room!!lol.

10 Mar, 2008

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