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Leyland trimmings

Worcester, United Kingdom Gb

Is it OK to use shredded Leyland trimmings as a mulch ? or to add to the compost to improve the soil texture ?



I would put your trimmings under a hedge or in the back of a shrubbery. It takes too long for the heavy pieces to compost.

10 Nov, 2008


Thankyou Doctorbob,but I was hoping that putting the leyland trimmings through the shredder would enable it to break down quicker.I have some bad patches of heavy clay and thought that it could perhaps lighten it up a bit.I was a bit bothered about whether or not it could be poison
to the ground.

10 Nov, 2008


The problem with trying to shred trimmings from conifers is the resin in them - it tends to clog the shredder

10 Nov, 2008


I was told never to use Leyland trimmings, trouble is I cannot remember why.....

10 Nov, 2008

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