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This strange fibrous "thing" was found growing around the root of a leylandia. Initial hope was that it was a truffel and work could be abandoned! Any ideas what it is?


By Kpnuts

{Powys, United Kingdom Gb

Brown fibrous mass.




Blimey - and it's quite big too! I suppose it could be some kind of gall caused by a parasite - have you tried cutting into it? Also, could be it a man made object that the root had simply grown through over time? Very strange......

9 Nov, 2008


Unlikely to be a truffle - don't give up the day job yet!

10 Nov, 2008


Just an afterthought, but you could try sending it off to the RHS for 'official' indentification.

10 Nov, 2008


Is it actually solid ? Looks very much like a nest hornets wasps or certain bees ?

10 Nov, 2008


I think truffles are blacker?

11 Nov, 2008

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