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By Maddy

West Sussex, United Kingdom Gb

Good Morning Experts!
Earlier in the year I planted some natural hedging along a post and wire fence. I did it to look nicer, attract birds etc, but most importantly, to make a natural wind break.
The pieces of hedging took very well and as soon as they reached the top of the wire I clipped them all to encourage growth.
The hedge is beginning to thicken out well but the bottom 12 inches (sorry, can't think in metric!) is bare.
Will this eventually thicken up or do I need to be brave and cut the hedge down much lower to encourage the bottom growth?



Could you tell us what the hedge is?

1 Jun, 2011


The hedge is 50% Hawthorn, and 10% each of dog rose, field maple, hazel, wild cherry and blackthorn.

1 Jun, 2011


Same as the hedge I started in March, glad someone else is doing the same! In my old place, I restored and created a hedgerow. Hawthorn especially will thicken out. In a natural hedge weeds like Brambles, Honeysuckle, grasses and flowers will fill in those bottom few inches.

You will have to cut the hedge down in autumn, as that encourages bushiness. You do that for the first 3 years, to train the hedge. That will make the young trees bush out.

1 Jun, 2011


Thank you very much Kildermorie for you comprehensive reply. A big help - oh just a thought! how low should I cut the hedge in the Autumn?

1 Jun, 2011


The important thing is to remove the leaf buds at the end of the stems - you don't need to cut them back hard.

So this Oct/Nov, do a light cut, just nipping off the ends of the new growth. This tells the tree to bush out.

Next year, the hedge will grow much quicker, so you can give it one very light clipping in midsummer and then another in winter. If any branches are growing in the wrong direction, try and train them to bald spots inside the hedge and not just cut it off. When the hedge grows thicker it will be easier to do that. At first you may need to tie them in - you will need to tie in Hazel sooner rather than later, but that is good for the hedge.

1 Jun, 2011


Brilliant! thanks again. Maddy

2 Jun, 2011

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