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can anybody tell me why I can't get Sarah Raven's seed catalogue up on line

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I have one of sarah ravens books in which it says you can order seeds from her but when I try online itjust comes up page unavailable,does anyone on here know if she still does a seed list.



Hi Moonshine. You can get to the home page which tells you that they are redesigning the website and it will be fully operational on Dec. 1st. That could be why.


9 Nov, 2008


Probably this is the reason, found this on
"We are moving to the new offices in Wiltshire and designing an improved website that will be up and running by 1st December 2008. In the meantime, please call us on 01672 871715. Our lines will be open Monday-Friday 0900-1200. If our phones are busy, please leave a message or email -Sarah"
There is also a link on the page where you can order the 2009 catalogue. Hope this helps, Dawn

9 Nov, 2008


Snap, Dawn. - LOL.


9 Nov, 2008


Ha, ha, our answers must have arrived at the same time. I guess 2 answers are better than none. Dawn

9 Nov, 2008


Thanks for the info on the Sarah Raven site ,I was reading her book and thought i'd have a look but i'll obviuosly have to wait untill the new site is up and running

10 Nov, 2008

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