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I am trying to find a "dwarf" lirope that has silver leaves. Does silver mist meet these criteria.

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I live in San Diego and am looking for a plant for the base of a tall urn in a small garden space. I like the silver dragon but it will grow to tall. Do you have any suggestions



How about Ophiopogon planescapens nigrescens. A terrible name but a lovely plant. 6 to 8 inches high with grassy type leaves (it's actually in the lily family ) but they are almost black and shiny! Small pink flowers in summer followed by black berries. It will grow in sun or part shade.
.....I bet it's not pouring with rain in San Diego!! Oh for a trip to Ghiardelli's!! Go Chargers!

10 Nov, 2008


There's a 'Liriope muscari variegata' which has green and silver leaves , also one with green/yellow leaves. Neither of these are tall growers. Try googling them to see what you think.

10 Nov, 2008

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